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2016: A Challenging Time to be an Aviation Underwriter or Insurance Broker!
Thursday 18 February 2016
Author: Russell Group
Tags: Airport risks; Airport ground accumulation, Aviation insurance, Aviation reinsurance, Aviation Risk modelling, Aviation exposures, Cyber risks, Drone risks, Aviation Credit insurance, Aviation Credit risks, Aerospace risks, Aviation risk management

Cyber terror, fears of armies of drones, business interruption/supply chain disruption and worries about the economy all help to heighten aviation (re)insurers anxiety levels while the “new normal” soft market depresses rates and underwriters alike.

In this new white paper Q&A we focus on the current aerospace credit, finance and leasing, and the wider geo-political environment that affects the sector. Russell Group MD Suki Basi caught up with AVOCET Insurance Consultants, which provides the Airfinance market with specialist aviation insurance consultancy, to speak to one of the firm’s consultants Barry Moss.

The following paper is a thoroughly enlightening questions and answer session that provides information that will be of interest to aviation industry professionals and insurance practitioners alike.

Download the whitepaper here