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The Outlook for the Global Aerospace Market
Sunday 12 April 2015
Author: Russell Group
Tags: ALPS Aerospace, Aviation, General Aviation, Space, key aviation risks, aviation loss exposure

According to a CAPA Global Aviation Industry Outlook – Pursuing certainty in an uncertain world, “Uncertainty has become the new normal – and risk reduction takes on a high priority for many airlines as Europe’s economy stutters and the US struggles for traction.”

The report stated that certain words recur frequently in airline reports to describe their outlook for the market: “challenging”, “volatile”, “uncertainty” are among the most popular. These are “Understandably in turn accompanied by corporate goals of enhancing the financial position and paying down debt, aligning capacity to demand, reducing costs and adopting more conservative fuel hedging positions, among others.”

This Russell Group infographic outlines some of the key risks and loss exposures facing the global aerospace industry in 2015.

Download the infographic here

Russell -Aero -Infographic