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Aerospace Risk Report by Russell: The Arc of Volatility
Sunday 12 April 2015
Author: Russell Group
Tags: Aviation, Airlines, Aircraft Manufacturers, General Aviation, Space, ALPS Aerospace, integrated underwriting risk management, risk exposure, trade credit risk, cyber risk, business interruption risk, political risk, economic risk, aviation ground exposure, connected risk

The aerospace industry, which comprises Airlines, Airports, Manufacturers, Commercial GA, Light GA, and the Space/Satellite industry, faces a panoply of growing threats and disruptive forces today. Risk and loss exposures are on the rise for underwriters writing across these aerospace sub-classes. Recent events have thrown the aerospace underwriters into the spotlight, but this insurance class is prone, like most of the specialty classes to political, economic, cyber, credit and business interruption risks too.

In this white paper we explore the aerospace risk panorama today, highlight underlying risk volatility and call for a more integrated approach to underwriting risk management by the insurance industry.

Download our whitepaper here