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Wednesday 12 October 2011
Author: Russell Group

Mobile satellite operator Inmarsat has announced it is to award Willis Group Holdings an exclusive appointment to act as its risk management advisor and placing broker for its new generation of satellites.

The agreement comes after a robust tender process which saw the company in detailed discussion with the market’s major space brokers.

The agreement covers the launch and in-orbit operation of Inmarsat’s highly anticipated broadband satellite network, Global Xpress, and the additional launch of the Alphasat satellite. The appointment also includes responsibility for Inmarsat’s current in-orbit fleet.

Roger Bathurst, CEO of Willis Inspace, who led the bid team, said: "We are absolutely delighted to have been chosen to represent Inmarsat. This is the result of a tremendous all round performance and is the clearest possible illustration of the strength and depth of the Willis team. To be at the forefront of one of the most dynamic and exciting satellite projects in the world is a great honour."

Using high-power Boeing 702 type satellites, Global Xpress will deliver mobile broadband to the world at speeds of up to 50Mbps on devices as small as 60 centimetres.

Inmarsat’s Alphasat will be the first launch of The European Space Agency’s newly-developed Alphabus, the world’s largest communications satellite platform.

Willis will be charged with creating and implementing a risk mitigation strategy for Inmarsat’s suite of technology that can be effectively valued by the insurance community. The role requires a multi-disciplined approach, bringing together expertise in engineering, risk management, and technical analysis.

The appointment follows the selection of Willis as insurance broker to Inmarsat for all non space policies at the beginning of 2010.